Digital marketing, also known as e-marketing or digital marketing, has become a must for every company, regardless of its size or the sector in which it operates. No structure can escape it, especially when one wants to increase its market share, boost sales, build up a sprawling visibility... Nevertheless, moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing requires a real preliminary reflection, which is why we will focus in the following on the major issues of e-marketing.


Among the various challenges of digital marketing is mainly the exploitation of social networks. It must be admitted that because of the fact that they have several billion members, social media are nowadays one of the most privileged tools of companies to communicate, federate and build loyalty among Internet users. Indeed, they offer a wide range of possibilities. However, the shift to digital and social networks are undoubtedly a double-edged sword. Although they allow all structures to seal long-lasting and privileged relationships with customers, they also offer new power to consumers. Thus, in order to make the most of social networks, it is important to first conduct a survey to identify everything that is said about the company in the media and on social pages in order to better act effectively, especially before negative comments are spread. If the company is confronted with unflattering opinions, instead of neglecting them, they should be taken into consideration and responded to.


Although the creation of high value-added content and the implementation of a high-performance site are essential to boost its reputation and to promote its offers, these actions are unfortunately far from being sufficient. The advent of these influencers constitutes an opportunity that every company must seize to reach new targets. Thanks to an extremely committed community and a large audience, these influencers have become a real asset for companies. The reason is that their opinions are listened to and scrutinized. On the other hand, their word to influence considerably the behaviour of followers is direct. In order for them to become a true brand ambassador, their choice must not be made at random.


Because we fully agree that marketing actions aim to increase the turnover of a company, digital marketing aims to attract new customers while contributing to the growth of the company in the long term. Of course, when an e-marketing strategy is well thought out, it is able to attract the right people to the company's own digital channels and transform them into identified prospects. It should also be pointed out that digital marketing allows the company to gather all the information about its customers that it can use to take customer relations to a whole new level. Moreover, moving from traditional to digital marketing also means giving yourself the chance to improve your visibility. To do so, it is necessary to regularly work on its SEO referencing, which is the new central point of digital marketing.