PIM: Delivering the right customer experience with the right product information


Published on : 13 July 20214 min reading time

According to goaland.com, PIM is an acronym for Product Information Management. It is a software program that facilitates the process of consolidation, maintenance and distribution of product data on various sales channels. The software solution is used in various business departments such as marketing, sales forces, IT and purchasing to enhance consumer experience through product information. The system can manage different types of product data including images, texts, audio-visual information and URLs. In this article, we will look at various ways in which businesses can use product information mamagement to deliver a good consumer experience with the right product information. Consumers largely depend on product information to make purchase decisions. Therefore, well consolidated, accurate and consistent customer information can help businesses deliver the right experience and boost brand image.

Product Information Consistency

Contradicting product information in various sales channels can cause uncertainty among customers. Product Information Management helps maintain the consistency of product information across all sales channels by enabling businesses to manage product data across different channels such as e commerce platforms. It also makes it possible for sellers to quickly update product information across multiple platforms with one click in case of any changes. Hence providing a seamless shopping experience. It uses of connectors to integrate a business’s third-party systems such as Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning to deliver accurate product information to your various sales platforms such as e commerce sites, mobile applications and distribution networks.

Better Product Information Quality

Generally, Product Information Management improves the quality of product data by ensuring it is accurate and it meets the customer needs. It centralizes all kinds of product data such as customer reviews, technical, marketing and logistics information making it easily accessible by different departments. This consolidation of information also streamlines the process of editing product information no matter the scale of information. Businesses are able to define the exact product data, organize it according to product types and manage the different variations of the information. Due to the growing amounts of product information, it is possible to make mistakes when dispersing product data manually. It helps eliminate the possibilities of error and ensure accuracy of product data hence delivering a satisfactory customer experience.

Appealing Product Page

Your product information should be tailored towards meeting the needs and interests of your target audience. Focusing the contents of your product page on the features and benefits that are most relevant to your potential customers makes it more appealing. Product information should help the customer visualize ways in which the product will make life more enjoyable or provide a solution to impending problems. The text, audio and visual components you use should be able to create a strong emotional appeal and maintain it until the end. It ensures cooperation between various departments to enrich product information.

Some of the ways to make your product page appealing to customers include: using interesting headlines that match the style and tone of your brand at the same time addressing the customer’s interests. Mention the product’s vital benefits by explaining how various features will be helpful to the customer. Additionally, employ the use of relevant and high-quality images. This system helps businesses achieve this by ensuring consolidation of product data to provide high-quality product page content.

Product Information Management helps businesses produce high quality and consistent product information across the various selling channels. Improved product data in return give a good experience to your customers and added value. A good consumer experience can result in increased product sales and brand superiority among the target audience.


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